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    • ura soul

      concise tips on using cannabis and psychedelics when healing self in the group: holistic healing

      for those that have never explored psychedelic chemicals and/or plant-life, the impressions gleaned from others (especially those twisted by media groups and scientific/government/military minds) can seem terrifying. tales of lost personalities and claims of 'mental disturbance' that last way bey...

      keywords: lsd, magic mushrooms, peyote, psychedelics, drugs, salvia, cannabis, evolution, healing, love, ego, will, right use of will, balance

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      • innerverse

        2.10 - Creating Your Own Roadshow ft. Ed Liu (Psychedelic Milk)

        \r\n\r\nEd is the host of Psychedelic Milk Podcast, a show with some truly mind-bending guests. We found a lot in common during our first conversation, especially with our intentions around podcasting and creating one's own life story. We spoke about our mutual podcasting guru Duncan Trussell, an...

        keywords: innerverse, psychedelics, podcast, meditation


        • innerverse

          Syncrenlightenment - Santo Daime & Psychedelic Spirituality

          Tyler, a member of the Santo Daime church of psychedelic healing, dropped by the studio to talk about his experiences with the organization. It was a fascinating chat about the potentials and realities of shamanistic tools such as Ayahuasca, and how religious symbol structures can be a useful sca...

          keywords: innerverse, psychedelics, plant medicines, church, spirituality, santo daime, ayahuasca