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    • ura soul

      Endnote 2: White Fascism in the group: transforming disaster

      patreon: http://patreon.com/InnuendoStudiostumblr: http://innuendostudios.tumblr.comtwitter: https://twitter.com/InnuendoStudiostranscript: http://innuendostudios.tumblr.com/post/180620496372/it-would-not-be-possible-to-continue-the-alt-rightresearch: http://innuendostudios.tumblr.com/post/183630...

      keywords: fascism, white power, fascist, racism, psychology, politics


      • ura soul

        The Misery Industrial Complex in the group: holistic healing

        Don't be blue.International Eating disorder resources:https://www.eatingdisorderhope.com/treatment-for-eating-disorders/internationalSupport me on Patreon:https://patreon.com/ThoughtSlimeFollow me on Twitch:https://twitch.tv/ThoughtSlimeOne time tips on Ko-Fi:https://ko-fi.com/Thought_SlimeWant m...

        keywords: thought slime, psychology, health, diet, marketing


        • ura soul

          Dr. Martin L. Pall about 5G, EMF, ICNIRP - Dutch subtitles in the group: holistic healing

          #Stop5G #ICNIRPMore about ICNIRP: https://multerland.wordpress.com/2019/06/02/icnirp/More about EMF. https://multerland.wordpress.com/emf-links/links/Posts about 5G, EMF: https://multerland.wordpress.com/Excerpts from the video as been created and uploaded by "Eleven Monkeys" on February 17, 2020...

          keywords: emf, microwave, 5g, fertility, health, neurology, psychology, depression, memory, anxiety, science


          • ura soul

            How To Avoid A Civilisation Collapse - Daniel Schmachtenberger (Corona Virus) in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

            Daniel Schmachtenberger is a futurist, evolutionary philosopher and strategist, and social engineer. Daniel shares how we can avoid a civilization collapse. This clip is from "Humanity Phase Shift" And is ever more relevant post Corona Virus / COVID-19 (Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/rebelwis...

            keywords: sense making, consciousness, heart, balance, society, evolution, psychology, politics


            • ura soul

              Five claims in Trump niece's tell-all book in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

              Mr Trump allegedly cheated his way into university and cannot "experience the entire spectrum of human emotion".

              keywords: trump, narcissism, america, politics, psychology


              • Anna Rayner

                Anna Rayner

                • London
                • ura soul

                  "Lockdown - The Right Side Of History". For Truth we Toil - Forever. in the group: holistic healing

                  A must watch. I can say no more. You can support the corporate takeover of our society. Or you can support truth in science, and protect our future. The latter protect our society, over the actions of vandals. It is your choice. Make it wisely.Please SUPPORT the Very Opinionated Show, who produce...

                  keywords: coronavirus, covid19, free will, psychology, science, health


                  • ura soul

                    1984 full film in color. George Orwell 1956. Colorized by AI. in the group: conspiracy realists

                    keywords: 1984, george orwell, orwellian, mind control, history, politics, psychology, freedom, free will, propaganda


                    • ura soul

                      HollywoodProducer, who worked on “Hunger Games” talks about Hollywood pedophiles in the group: conspiracy realists

                      We need to wake more people up

                      keywords: hollywood, child abuse, psychology, trauma, satanism, pizzagate, hunger games, whistleblower

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