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    • ura soul

      Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars - full document in the group: slavery today

      update: this page alleges to reveal the true author of this document:https://www.ureka.org/links/view/8343/alleged-author-of-silent-weapons-for-quiet-warsthis is allegedl...

      keywords: silent weapons, cia, america, england, heartlessness, denial, control, mind control, manipulation, slavery, treachery, rothschild, bankers, psychopathy

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      • ura soul

        the vaccine racket

        keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, corruption, greed, psychopathy, CDC

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        • ura soul

          look into the eyes of a family member

          these are the eyes of a living, feeling being who has survived being in an overturned truck, where most others perished.'rescued'  only to continue the journey - to...

          keywords: psychopathy, england, pig, heartlessness, slaughter, lorry, truck, crash, rescue

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