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59 results for "real"


    • SoulFish

      by SoulFish

      “The real tension is not between matter and spirit, or time and space, the real tension is between information and nonsense.”– Terence McKenna

      • ura soul

        great, thanks - i will also be making a video series for youtube at some point on healing and am part way through a documentary about 911. if you know any animators who might want to help out then point them to me for sure! i can't really pay, but...more

        • ura soul

          greetings! yes, there is a culture of denial on this planet that is every bit as dysfunctional as the health issues that the 'medical professionals' involved claim to be 'helping'. it is akin to smothering a child for crying. i feel though that...more

          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            if we allow our focus and intent to be drawn to death and those among us that cause it - we risk being drawn away from love and into pointless destruction too. there is a narrow pathway towards real life that contains no denial and which feels good....more

            • Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)

              Well are PM(privating messaging on here is a pain at times) and also honestly, I liek using chat rooms because it is more direct for me to talk to you. Also trying to get to you is hard enough. So as much as I have to work also. I'm not a person...more

              • ura soul

                by ura soul

                those who choose life, choose to profit through love. that means to help others profit and to also help self to profit, without 'profiting off of others'. the needed balance ends exploitation/denial and ensures reciprocal relationship such that...more

                • ura soul

                  by ura soul

                  proponents of capitalism appear to think that capitalism has solved problems, whereas to me and to many others, capitalism is just a control system that takes the credit for solving challenges that would be solved anyway and that in reality, in many...more

                  • harmony

                    by harmony

                    the thought 'burn out the triggers' came to me when i realized that over these years of facing and healing triggers, i feel that i have come to the point where i have burnt out most of the painful triggers.. reflecting and healing has become natural

                    • ura soul

                      by ura soul

                      hehe - well, wo/man made time is not really what's needed anyway ;)

                      • Angel

                        by Angel

                        Just want to say hello... Still checking out the site but so far really digging it. Smiles The rainbow video and the one on grounding were awesome.. Looking forward to watching others soon and perhaps adding some of my own.