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57 results for "real"


    • Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ

      A False Flag attack is planned (for years) in Seattle on November 3, 2019. It's for real & can be bigger than the one on 9/11, 2001, by the government. Confirmed as a real plan. Let's stop it. Live & let live. Go...more

      • frank

        by frank

        Many Arrests in State Run Child Abuse Ring: Mind Controlling Children To Have Them Removed From Real Parents? The Only Answer Is Self Empowerment & Rejection of Hierarchy.

        • doggy5

          by doggy5

          Is weku.io. real currency site ir play money?

          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            If you aren't really being true to who you are, no-one will ever know your purpose for existence.

            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              A variety of bug fixes and improvements are now live at @ureka_org. In particular, animations for adding/removing to/from lists now work correctly and lists now update in realtime, correctly too. :)

              • ura soul

                by ura soul

                Currently abstaining from caffeine. I notice that regular use of caffeine blocks our ability to know how much rest we need and so can really be a problem for our body.

                • ura soul

                  by ura soul

                  #wimhof is advising that control of emotion is how to heal - it is not. control of emotions leads to emotional shut down and loss of free/real response. It is true that we can self heal to amazing levels, but control is not balanced.

                  • cataleptik

                    by cataleptik

                    ura, i am having real difficulty accessing the menu to the left hand side of the screen! i was not using light or dark, but the 'rainbow' theme...neither my pc nor my chromebook will let me get at the menu...i wonder if it's just me? i will keep...more