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    • Aknight


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      • ura soul

        comment on "who am i ?"

        ...- we are usually referring to the way that a thought has aligned to what we understand reality to be. i would not say that the experiences of reality are 'fake', so much as that they are created. this is creation. What is real though needs to...

        • SolitaryFriend

          comment on "The Video Game that Made Elon Musk Question Whether Our Reality is a Simulation"

          While it is still creation as Ura has pointed out to me, I still feel it's a created simulation to some degree...place all the time to take part in what we have. Beyond all that is the "reality" in the ethereal r...


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          • ura soul

            artificial borders & nations

            ...his planet and our bodies are creation. we are living and creating reality. we are living co-creators of reality.\r\nthe reality that we have been experiencing the creation of, has included what we can...me to change an aspect of the creation we are unsure of how to chang...

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            • Aknight

              Weather & Reality Creation

              Thought you all might find this interesting... Josh & Adrienne discuss the massive tornado activity in the US to explore how we create our weather metaphysically in...

              keywords: Peace, Metaphysics, Consciousness, Reality Creation, Extreme Weather, Self actualization, SOTU, Channeling, Soul, Divine Growth


              • innerverse

                Flight of the Lightning Bug (with Visionary Artist EmJae Lightningbug)

                ...o other people's dreams and accidentally waking up as them in physical reality Emjae's (meticulous) process...ogress (video only!) Exploring the depths of the infinite Self through creations Support InnerVerse through P...


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