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16 results for "reiki"




    • l8in

      by l8in

      body harmony or reiki ?massage or kinesiology ?rebirthing or yoga ?

      • SolitaryFriend

        by SolitaryFriend

        I've spent time meditating at different times. With a Tibetan Buddhist Lama at a sanctuary, to receive Reiki attunements and through guided meditations and visualisations. I've had varying degrees of success and feel there is a place for it


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        • UltimeGigaGuyverWeapon

          Full Chakra Healing ~ Spa Music w/ Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones (ZEN, REIKI)

          Free Meditation Music Presents ~ Chakra Healing Download this full length audio FREE @: http://free-meditation-music.com/downloads/chakra-healing/ Please Support the Re Design of Free-Meditation-Music.com by donating today! https://www.gofundme.com/MeditationMusic This audio features relaxing amb...

          keywords: Full chakra healing, spa music, binaural beats, isochronic tones, zen, reiki


          • Activate Your Energy

            Powerful Emotional Release and Neurogenic Tremors w/Leptokinetic Healing | DOyen Fraser [Full Video]

            "Powerful Emotional/Stress Release and Neurogenic Tremors With Leptokinetic Healing". Inducing neurogenic tremors is what I specialize in. My healing modality Leptokinetic Healing focuses on activating this healing mechanism. If you like reiki, you will love Leptokinetic Healing. Please support u...

            keywords: energy healing, healing, detoxification, reiki, grounding, emotional balancing, kundalini, vibrational healing


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