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  • Mystical Musings

    Pondering all the big questions without ignoring the little ones. No religion, no agenda, nothing for sale. Talk about everything from string theory to sacred geometry and from meditation to summoning spirits. There is no specific category for the musings here just that there's a bit of the mystical rubbed on it. Dream interpretation? Definitely. Astral trips? Absolutely. Tarot? Terrific. OK, enough alliteration. This zone builds itself.




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    • SoulFish

      by SoulFish

      Our society gives its economy priority over health, love, truth, beauty, sex and salvation; over life itself. Whatsoever is given precedence over life will take precedence over life, and will end in eliminating life. Since economics, at its most...more

      • SoulFish

        I get what your saying. Of course I was just tossing it up as a shout out quote figuring it would mostly inspire the beard toting, sandal wearing, white robbed, golden road leading to a giant throne God. In that context is the only context in which...more

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        • ura soul

          3 things threaten religion

          free women, free will and free speech

          keywords: religion, denial, balance, feminine, yin, integrity, heart, free will, will

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          • ura soul

            institutional child abuse in the group: cruelty to life

            ...s has escalated between the years we call the 1980s until now - revelations have included that both american and english governmental structures, religions and militaries have been tar...

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