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36 results for "remote viewing"





    • h0ckeygirl

      by h0ckeygirl

      I have an INTENSE DESIRE to learn remote viewing, astral projection and lucid dreaming!!

      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        haha.. it's all just a conspiracy by l'oreal and max factor.. there is no remote viewing... makeup fakeup!


        • cataleptik

          Dr. Greer Makes Contact in Charlotte

          ...uch as Adam Curry of Princetons PEAR Lab; legendary civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan, and Dr. Russell Targ, who headed the CIAs top-secret remote viewing program. Their message: For t...


          • ura soul

            Mystery of Gobekli Tepe: Farsight (TRAILER) in the group: earth heart

            ...rsight.orgThis is the trailer for the full remote-viewing documentary, The Mystery of...aming Service:http://farsightprime.com For remote-viewing course opportunities, contact...cJQTWITTER: @farsightrvInstagram: @farsightremoteviewing (remote viewers) and @farsigh...


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            • ura soul

              BETTY AND BARNEY HILL UFO ABDUCTION: June 2019 - Farsight in the group: cosmic interactions

              http://farsight.orgTime Cross Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video):1. Introduction - 0:002. Melena Hall Session - 9:283. Trudy Benjamin Session - 29:004. Kahmia Dunson Session - 53:086. Summary Comments - 1:08:53Subscribe to FarsightPress (Science Channel): http://www.youtube....

              keywords: ufo, et, abduction, remote viewing


              • ura soul

                Banned TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ in the group: open hearted science

                Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring "remote viewing" - an apparently anomalous extended characteristic of the mind. Targ is convinced the effect is real. This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in Hollywood in 2013, bu...

                keywords: telepathy, psychic, remote viewing, cia


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