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    • kellytmusically

      by kellytmusically

      reduce/eliminate tumors etc., ignored by mainstream media, so could save a life without the crippling costs, maybe worth researching.... https://puredca.com/

      • TIP

        by TIP

        More Mexico skulls! Not sure if these are anything unusual - but this may be worth a look for researchers: https://www.sott.net/article/355317-Age-of-the-Aztecs-Ancient-tower-of-skulls-unearthed-beneath-Mexico-City-PHOTOS

        • SoulFish

          Totally agree. I love reading, spent some time as a research librarian, it was awesome. For me though, while I dig the knowledge I can get from research I always find I feel compelled to take another step and experiment. I have to apply the...more

          • ura soul

            by ura soul

            every minute i spend growing food is a minute i am spending coming into balance with my environment and that in itself maximises the time i do invest in research. 10 minutes of balanced research can be more valuable than 10 years of unbalanced...more

            • innerverse

              Breakthrough to Creativity, by Shafica Karagulla - I have been scouring the internet for a pdf copy of this book, on the very subject you're describing. So far no luck, I may have to pay for it. Mysterious Universe podcast reviewed it, great...more

              • ura soul

                by ura soul

                group dreaming is a well known phenomena by tribes around the planet and has also been documented in scientific research groups. this is not a phenomena that requires drugs. essentially the egoic structures break down and a unity may then form.

                • ura soul

                  by ura soul

                  i am advised that the time to stop fasting is when the real hunger appears.. which is not the false cravings that appear in the first couple of days. i have fasted like this once before but didn't do much research into it then.