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3 results for "rhetoric"

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    • ura soul

      John McCain vs. John McCain in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

      http://TheRealMcCain.com/ Get off the double talk express!

      keywords: john mccain, doublespeak, denial, rhetoric, mental imbalance, imbalance, america


      • ura soul

        Proof that the news is scripted in the group: slavery today

        so much for wit, intelligence and rapport

        keywords: press, media, denial, facade, false self, rhetoric, scripting, deception, america, news, tv


        • ura soul

          professional puppets in the group: aligning self for freedom

          while many know the necessity of absolute integrity and always choosing to be authentic, there are many who choose the opposite. from politicians to corporate a-gents, marketers, actors, newsreaders and beyond - there is rarely even a hint of a real human to be found!

          keywords: puppets, propaganda, p.r., denial, facade, false self, rhetoric, deception, perception management, psy-ops

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