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  • HERBS; Medicinal, Magical & Metaphysical

    The study of herbs could take many lifetimes and there are a lot of sub categories and "herbal adjacent" things to study besides how they heal physically. As with life itself, the physical, mental and spiritual can all be healed and enhanced using herbs and there are a wide variety of ways, from teas and tinctures to Rootwork in the Hoodoo or in the Gypsy tradition and even to the use of entheogens, to explore.\r\nThis zone is meant to be open to ALL of those avenues of study and discussion.\r\nDISCLAIMER\r\nNone of the information presented here is meant to replace medical treatment. Only use herbs as medicine if you know what you are doing, not if you just THINK you know what you’re doing, if you’re wrong there can be negative side effects. Improper use of herbs, just as improper use of prescription drugs, can harm or kill. Remember, natural doesn't always mean safe.\r\nCross reference at least three reliable sources of information before taking an herb. Be sure about dosage and...


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      comment on "comments"

      ...educing people's freedoms and desire for privacy because right now it's the only way? I don'...ually sees anything could be developed. It looks like it will become a much bigger problem before any feasible solution will be adopted, though....

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        comment on "Why the EOS 'Steemit killer' Called 'Voice' Could Be A Dangerous Sell Out"

        ...ock.one he is in way over his head. He might be a super bright CTO, but those who invested huge amounts of capital will ultimately call the shots as to the overall direction of the project - which will likely be a centralized and n...

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        • cataleptik

          gargle aquarius 1

          Yep, that's Neptune transiting sidereal Aquarius as of February 2019, as far as at least one online virtual telescope can see...

          keywords: Neptune, Aquarius, Sydreal, Sidereal, Astronomy, Astrology, Gargle, Gargle Analytics, Gargle Humour, Gargle Humor, SubGenius, RUoW, Right Use Of Will, Fuck You

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          • cataleptik

            dakini teachings glossary p5

            dakini teachings glossary p5   warning:  controversial.  check out the definition of 'five poisons'!      

            keywords: buddha, dharma, salvation, desire, right use of will, RUoW, philosophy, Taoism, Daoism, Dao, Tao

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            • ura soul

              love is more precious than that which can be traded

              when we believe we are not good enough (To get what we deserve and desire) - we are using our consciousness (often without realising) to deny the feminine emotions and will/desire that can truly (truly, truly can) draw to us what we need and desire.if we deny that we are not experiencing what we ...

              keywords: will, right use of will, balance, love, heart, emotions


              • ura soul

                titles & hierarchy guarantee error is present in thinking in the group: aligning self for freedom

                many groups, particularly religious groups and others who 'provide' philosophies and concepts about 'truth' of life and 'how to live', also provide/require rankings and titles.. such as 'high priest', 'doctor', 'master', 'sir' etc.\r\nfor an individual to agree to such a title requires that they ...

                keywords: right use of will, titles, hierarchy, truth, healing, balance, freedom

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