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123 results for "right use of will"


    • ura soul

      the urge to kill is often a mis-translation of the need to accept denied rage in the group: free will & non conformity

      when 'internal distance' is created by not accepting true...n.\r\nthe 'urge to kill' can be heavily denied self/will attempting to find expression...precisely what CAUSES the unsafety because the free will that is required to live SAFE...

      keywords: denial, right use of will, war, peace, healing

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      • ura soul

        allowing the evolution of mental adaptation to circumstances in the group: aligning self for freedom

        the mind is a merging of intention, awareness, focus...then the adaptations we have made in our mind will be disempowering, since they will include avoidances and workar...ow the mind to relax more and trust that needs will be met simply by desiring, lo...

        keywords: denial, mind, healing, heart, freedom, right use of will, manifestation, brain

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        • ura soul

          healing love & ending death: love cannot be measured

          ...mind are and partially due to an unwillingness to acknowledge and feel...mplicity is ever graceful and ever willing to be real and present wit...ng because this science-logic-mind will only accept what can be prove...gic life energy that is your birth right and truly natural way of bei...

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