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36 results for "right use of will"


    • ura soul

      comment on "What is Biofield Tuning? - Biofield Tuning - Eileen McKusick"

      ...who has. i only learned of this recently via someone who is reading 'right use of will'. i was already aware of what...that they are missing.\r\ni would like to read her book, so maybe i will do at some point....

      • ura soul

        comment on "SHARK President Gives Movement Wake-Up Call"

        ...e overpowering and denying of free will. the only way to work with thi...do not overpower/deny our own free will and the free will in others. i...on earth for others, then that is right for us to do.. and if we do...t strong/balanced/safe, then it is right for us to honor our feelings...

        • ura soul

          comment on "Do parents pass on dysfunctions to their children due to unprocessed rage and a lack of self awareness?"

          ah ok, public baths - right.. i was thinking of home baths mainly. i think i've seen some minor ba...efinitely true that i have been helped by studying both bashar and the right use of will books.

          • ura soul

            comment on "the denied meaning of namaste"

            i am glad you found this and value it - i have shown this to a few people and only those who read right use of will vibed with it so far.

            • ura soul

              comment on "jumping to conclusions..."

              it helps to get clear on the definitions involved and the right use of will books are all about that - so i'll let you read them ;)

              • ura soul

                comment on "Thoth's Time Temple"

                you are welcome. to be clear, the first book on the rightuseofwill website is called 'feelings matter' and it is a separate one to the rest of them. i suggest starting with the blue book...

                • harmony

                  comment on "Thoth's Time Temple"

                  ...pointed out to me though as I read books most of the time to learn.I will be finding the volumes by drunvalo melchizadek,he sounds very Interesting! I have not heard of Right use of will either so went onto the site...

                  • ura soul

                    comment on "Thoth's Time Temple"

                    ...hakras is probably the most complex topic i know of. the best source i know of for information on that topic is the right use of will book series available at http://www.rightuseofwill.com/books. there is a private...

                    • ura soul

                      comment on "Former science chief: 'MMR fears coming true'"

                      ...o reduce the global population too. they believe they are doing what is right by humanity, like a farmer 'culling the herd'.\r\nthe denial i am referring to will cause disconnection from part...

                      • KatMan2

                        comment on "Rick's personal Declaration of Independence"

                        ...nd organizations that would seek to control and enslave us all. I will not stand for this treatment a...olent revolution in human consciousness and I am among those that will lead the charge for righteousness willingly for the go...