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142 results for "rights"



    • ura soul

      comment on "comments"

      ...erstanding and very few people disagree with them. Your confusion appears to be based on a mischaracterisation and misunderstanding of fundamental rights and freedoms of the person. N...

      • cataleptik

        comment on "Random Academia; anarchy"

        ...sp;Love’ was a campaign launched in 2013 by the ‘Straight Alliancefor LGBT rights’ from Saint-P...

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        • BlueTruth

          Reap What We Sow

          ...r theory, it's truth plain and simple. These criminals have money to throw at and discount truth. We are the sleeping giant and when enough of our rights get trampled we will finally...


          • BlueTruth


            ...dying from common flu, which (flu) is less than the number dying from TB. This has been a plannedemic from the start to take away our inalienable rights and anyone capable of critica...


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            • ura soul

              Chicago Police Roadblock in the group: policing

              "One of the most decisive wins in a roadside debate with police for a copwatcher I've ever seen." -Honkey Magoo, YouTube Commentor\n\n24JUL2014 Upate: Thanks for all the supportive comments! These are 100% undeleted comments. I have not censored any of the posts. I'm really pleasantly surprised a...

              keywords: america, police, rights, traffic stop, constitution


              • ura soul

                while you're shopping - we can't breathe! black americans shut down a mall

                BlackLivesMatter protesters shut down the 'Mall of America', the nation's largest mall - on the busiest shopping day of the year chanting, "while you're on your shopping spree, black people cannot breathe!". this is in response to the many cases of black people being murdered by policy enforcers ...

                keywords: america, mall, racism, murder, rights


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