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4 results for "schooling"

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    • ura soul

      The Mask You Live In - Trailer in the group: holistic healing

      From the team behind Miss Representation. Coming in 2014, an exploration of American masculinity. http://facebook.com/themaskyoulivein

      keywords: emotions, denial, masculine, male, shootings, balance, america, schooling, schools, children

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      • ura soul

        children's dolls and the roots of psychopathy and heartlessness in the group: aligning self for freedom

        as a child i was given a variety of 'toy dolls' to play with. since i was male, i was given 'action man' - the all-round killing machine with no genitals and no emotions. the females that were living near me were given 'barbie' or 'cindy' dolls - the equally emotion-less clothes horse with disfig...

        keywords: psychopathy, right use of will, denial, heartlessness, heart, balance, ken, barbie, cindy, action man, toy dolls, receptivity, yin, yang, polarity, toys, children, mind control, mkultra, schooling

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        • ura soul

          Bases 45 - Cara St Louis (Part 1): social control through education systems and more in the group: aligning self for freedom

          Cara is an ex producer fro The Peoples Voice, and co author of Dangerous Imagination Silent Assimilation. and the Sun Thief Here she discusses the murder of her mother, who was an editor for a fact sheet for US navy intelligence. Cara is speaking at the Bases Project June 20th 2015 conference, in...

          keywords: education, tavestock, frankfurt institute, schooling, control, heartlessness

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          • ura soul

            Self Evolution: We Can Become 'Superhuman' Through Increased Awareness (+ Comment On Wim Hof Method) in the group: holistic healing

            In this video I discuss the way that human evolution has been slowed to the point that we think it isn't even possible to cause it deliberately. I explore the example Wim Hof has provided us of someone who consciously reactivated lost abilities and effectively evolved humanity to result in an inc...

            keywords: evolution, balance, health, schooling, education, wim hof, yoga, breathing, breathwork