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3 results for "science"

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    • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

      My News Punch EVENTS

      ...ALL FOLDERS➜⇢ ➽ ➤ALL PARTS  https://www.edocr.com/user/drdejahang02 KEY ➜⇢ MSC➤PHD RESEARCH, (MPhilPhD)➽=ALL  Articles for Political Science, Mathematics and Productivity...

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      • Ryan

        Sacred Geometry in Art History in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

        ...arch says: In the arts nothing that is done well is done by chance, and I know no work of art that has succeeded except through the foresight and science of the artist. They all const...


        • ura soul

          no animal testing is necessary in the group: cruelty to life

          there is nothing you can learn through lab tests on life forms that cannot be learned through increasing internal awareness, receptivity to truth, honesty and love. if you are focussed and desire this, you will allow this in your reality. self acceptance is more powerful than science.

          keywords: science, animal cruelty, animals, laboratory, makeup, cosmetics, heartlessness, cats

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