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    • ura soul

      4th of July DUI Checkpoint - Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, while Innocent in the group: policing

      Police won't let me know if I'm being detained (I broke no laws), they use their K-9 to false alert on my car giving themselves permission to search my stuff, and lie about me having illegal drugs in my car. They eventually let me go with no charges. Here are the numbers from the checkpoint that ...

      keywords: police, constitution, america, search, car

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      • ura soul

        enhancement: search results page in the group: network information

        the search results system has now been upgraded with the following advanced search features:\r\n\r\nresults lists will load without needing to reload the entire page, so results can be loaded faster and more conveniently.\r\nco-creator profiles can be searched for specific fields via the sidebar....

        keywords: search, features


        • ura soul

          ureka's search tool has been upgraded. in the group: network information

          i have just upgraded the system used here to search for content in the site's database. the new system uses the same app that is used by duckduckgo.com and other search sites, except it is hosted on ureka's own server, so there is no loss of privacy.\r\nwhen searching, you may not initially notic...

          keywords: search, upgrade


          • ura soul

            Blacklisted & Angry! Outrageous Anti Trust Law Breach by Google Search? in the group: conspiracy realists

            For years I have known that Google has been artificially downranking the social network that I worked very hard to make on my own for years - https://www.ureka.org. In this video I compare the search results in Google for the keyword 'ureka' to the results found in Google's main English speaking ...

            keywords: google, ureka, censorship, search, internet, antitrust, antimonopoly


            • ura soul

              Google Skews Search Results Towards Establishment Sources? Principles of SEO in the group: conspiracy realists

              Ever wonder why you see the same websites at the top of unrelated searches in Google so often? It's not random, they skew their results to favour establishment sources such as universities, governments and large corporations. Not only does this make it very difficult for less wealthy groups/peopl...

              keywords: google, informationwar, censorship, search, seo, technology