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3 results for "self Actualization"


    • Aknight

      Weather & Reality Creation

      Thought you all might find this interesting... Josh & Adrienne discuss the massive tornado activity in the US to explore how we create our weather metaphysically in l...

      keywords: Peace, Metaphysics, Consciousness, Reality Creation, Extreme Weather, Self actualization, SOTU, Channeling, Soul, Divine Growth


      • Aknight

        Change Your Programming - First Steps

        I was hesitating on posting this...until I saw the comment about Gaia/lava/and being happy to see me!  The...least to me ) pushed me over the edge. You'll have to watch to see for your self.  I...

        keywords: Guided Meditation, self Actualization, Peace, Consciousness, Growth

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        • ura soul

          Reality and Out of Body experiences in the group: cosmic interactions

          ...pread ignorance about our afterlife conditions causes suffering –– Characteristics of the intermediate dimensions –– Self-actualization and characteristic of the hig...