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2 results for "shouts"

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    • ura soul

      bugfixed: shouts added from the activity page were all public, even when set to non-public in the group: network information

      any shouts that were previously added via the box at the top of the activity page that were set to a privacy level other than public, were unfortunately publicly visible. any shouts added from zone pages that were intended to be only visible to members of the zone were always correctly only avail...

      keywords: bugfix, shouts, privacy


      • ura soul

        enhancement: shouts now display their privacy level in the group: network information

        since we can decide who views our shouts it only makes sense that we can then see what privacy level each shout is set to. previously, this value was missing from shouts in the site, but now they are visible to everyone who is signed-in. this means you can shout while being relaxed about who can ...

        keywords: shouts, privacy