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4 results for "skulls"


    • cataleptik

      test post

      ...milimeter and microwave beam emitters bounce off of the lower atmosphere and right back down to the surface of the Earth. Where they penetrate our skulls. Where they also mix - u...


      • resheyeh

        News Headlines 25th August 2017_2

        ...making-mockery-american-democracy-1635929Alt-Left Leader Vows to 'Crush Skulls' at Conservative Prayer Rally...it.]http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/08/alt-left-leader-vows-crush-skulls-conservative-prayer-rally-nai...


        • resheyeh

          News Headlines 5th August 2017_2

          ...ticles/2017/8/5/debt-slavery-fake-money-final-collapseAncient Elongated Skulls  Antarctica From ANCIENT ALIEN DNAhttp://investmentwatchblog.com/ancient-elongated-skulls-antarctica-from-ancient-alien...


          • ura soul

            The elongated skulls of South America and beyond in the group: earth heart

            ...are many examples of ancient skulls being found that demonstrate...structure to our modern human skulls - even including a different...k of 'join' in the top of the skulls, this video is quite clear:ht...eeds to be performed on these skulls is relatively expensive and a...

            keywords: skulls, elongated skulls, peru, south america, dna