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3 results for "skulls"

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    • ura soul

      The elongated skulls of South America and beyond in the group: earth heart

      There are many examples of ancient skulls being found that demonstrate a very different shape and structure to our modern human skulls - even including a different number of plates and vastly different eye socket sizes. Some have speculated that these are E.T. Humanoids who came and went from our...

      keywords: skulls, elongated skulls, peru, south america, dna


      • ura soul

        Mystery of the 'alien skulls' and Nazi briefcase found in remote mountain woods in the group: cosmic interactions

        skulls allegedly found near a Nazi briefcase in a remote mountain range have raised the shocking prospect the Third Reich had links with ALIENS.

        keywords: nazi, german, russia, skulls, himmler, alien, et

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        • ura soul

          Maria Wheatley on the extended skulls of stonehenge in the group: earth heart

          The Massacre of the Long Skulls near Stonehenge, a brilliant lecture and research by Maria Wheatley at Bases2016 the 3rd international conference from the Bases project. Due to some sound problems, you get this for free. However if no donations are sent, the 4th conference wont be happening.

          keywords: england, dowsing, skulls, stonehenge