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3 results for "sleep"

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    • ura soul

      Lullaby to elephant in the group: music, harmony & vibration

      There's no denying the strong bond between Lek and Faa Mai. Watch and listen to Lek's lullaby to a snoring Faa Mai.

      keywords: sleep, singing, elephant


      • ura soul

        some Vaccine/Autism Connections explained in the group: holistic healing

        Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the potential connection between vaccines and autism. It's a hotly-debated topic. Here she gets specific into what ingredient in the vaccine may be linked to autism and other conditions. Find out what her research has found. You may think differently after watching ...

        keywords: autism, vaccines, vaccinations, gardasil, mercury, aluminium, manganese, gut, pineal gland, blood brain barrier, alzheimers, melatonin, sleep, parkinsons

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        • ura soul

          How Addictions And Sleep Problems Feed Into Each Other and How To Find Balance Again. (Quit Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol More Easily) in the group: holistic healing

          In a queue at a supermarket recently I noticed a man ahead of me with a huge belly and reddish skin who had bought about 9 bottles of red wine and some ice cream. My dad joked with him that we would join his party and he replied "You'll have to be quick, I drink these to sleep at night!". I felt ...

          keywords: addiction, sleep, health, habits, liberation, balance

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