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    • cataleptik


      ...ve that was first Made, that thing that later, in hindsight, would call itself Tantra kinda like the original Tantrum (heh heh)   specks souls, Divine scream echoing fore...


      • ura soul

        Are you excited to cause evolution, balancing & healing on earth, using the Ureka social platform? in the group: network information

        ...nbsp; If you are ready to live for free and are excited to help with this online community, then you are invited to send a private message to @ura_soul - or an email to info@ureka.o...

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        • ura soul

          artificial borders & nations

          ...uld such a change be like.\r\nas all-ways, divine truth (meaning truth that contains zero error and intends love and healing), provides insight and soulution to these issues. we can...

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          • ura soul

            ura soul: identity

            ...ed as 'fact' on earth and thus, the sharing of the truth that regardless of paperwork that claims otherwise, i am commonly known as ura soul; ura of the family soul of all that is.

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