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    • ura soul

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      ...shite in his logic - he was making bold claims about people who rejected the mainstream vision and effectively calling them idiots while trying to sound professional and expert.. Exc...

      • ureka.app

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        Steem User (@outerground) said: really, that sounds like more than a coincidence ? maybe you should get in touch with Gary, I'm sure he'd be very interested to hear your story !

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        • cataleptik

          Gargle: Good Forever

          ...nds that were developing in Europe during the period called the First World War.  Others point to Hugo Ball, tone poet who simply enjoyed the sound of words...an abstract poet w...

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          • cataleptik

            Unity Cognition: Apartment 3R Is Rawkin'

            ...e group experiments with instrumental approaches and squabbles about the stage show.   It's all about going through changes and getting the sound from rehearsal to performance...

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            • www.rub.fm

              checking out what katalists are in the group: Rebel music

              https://soundcloud.com/save-london/sets/me\r\ntesting how these links show, above is a random playlist of my tunes, fairly disordered

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