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3 results for "spirit"


    • SolitaryFriend

      A History of the Altered State - Part 1 in the group: community

      Welcome spirit beings of the cosmos. Here I present to you an early look at the beginning to my descriptions about the very reality as we know it coming apart, and then bec...


      • ura soul

        helping the body to heal jaw dysfunction (TMJ / TMD) in the group: holistic healing

        ...und it tough to locate any useful information on the topic of how to aid the jaw in healing - however, with persistence, guidance from my own body/spirit/intuition and with the excell...

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        • ura soul

          my top 8 documentaries for healing, balancing & evolution

          i have watched a vast amount of documentaries in my life on earth.. here are the 10 that are online that i most recommend. i update this list from time to time.

          keywords: documentaries, documentary, film, films, movie, movies, learning, health, education, balance, evolution, spirit

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