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      ...ue to tell me that i should stop eating meat, or... i am doing as much harm as eating your family members. Fortunately, as this planet grows in spirituality, we (all things) will stop ea...



      • innerverse

        Syncrenlightenment - Santo Daime & Psychedelic Spirituality

        Tyler, a member of the Santo Daime church of psychedelic healing, dropped by the studio to talk about his experiences with the organization.

        keywords: innerverse, podcast, santo daime, plant medicine, religion, spirituality




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        • SoulFish

          MALACHITE in the group: Crystals & Stones

          Malachite is a stone of transformation and emotional clarity. It teaches one to take responsibility for one's own actions, thoughts and emotions and helps release inhibitions while encouraging expression of one's own true feelings. It also allows empathy toward others. Instinct and intuition are ...

          keywords: crystals, gemstones, malachite, spirituality


          • innerverse

            Cultivating A Healthy Consciousness (With Richard Sacks, Host of Lost Arts Radio)

            Richard Sacks is the host of Lost Arts Radio, a live-broadcast internet show. We riff about various favorite InnerVerse topics, such as vegetarianism and the potential benefits and difficulties with a raw food diet. Richard is an seasoned researcher of the juxtaposition between spirituality and h...

            keywords: innerverse, veganism, vegan, vegetarian, raw food, health, wholeness, spirituality, essene teachings, past life memory


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