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    • ura soul

      Bases 80 Ura Soul - The Heart Singularity

      Live from Bases HQ, Ura Soul explains why the real Singularity that humanity needs is found through our own hearts. Removing the mystery from mystery schools, plus encounters with lightships in England and much more.

      keywords: bases, ufo, et, steemit, heart, balance, pyramid, evolution, ureka, interview


      • ura soul

        Anarcho Capitalism, Voluntarism & The Alternatives - My Reponse to Kafkanarchy in the group: free will & non conformity

        I recently interviewed Danny Shine and we spoke about anarcho-capitalism and some of Danny's complaints about what he perceived anarcho-capitalism to be (link to interview is below). Kafkanarchy from 'Voluntarism Japan' saw the video and felt he needed to clarify some points: https://dlive.io/liv...

        keywords: anarchy, politics, philosophy, ura-soul, kafkanarchy, voluntarism, anarcho-capitalism, steemit, dannyshine