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    • ura soul

      mistakenly seeking love and acceptance from others in the group: holistic healing

      often in our existence we have felt ignored or neglected, not had our true needs met and not understood why or how this has occurred.\r\nin moments of torment we may 'agree'/'decide'/'create the viewpoint/opinion/intention' internally that we need to change our reality in specific ways to attempt...

      keywords: healing, balance, right use of will, money, body, success, denial

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      • ura soul

        by ura soul
        • ura soul

          jumping to conclusions...

          the biggest threat facing us is?\r\nthe habit of jumping to conclusions.. aka 'judgement'!\r\nwhy?\r\nacting on thoughts that are based on guesses, half truths & incomplete information leads to failure.\r\nif we continue without correcting this, we create a society based on lies. like...\r\no...

          keywords: judgement, judgment, error, guessing, logic, brain, mind, thinking, thought, success

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          • ura soul

            put your heart, mind and soul into even your smalles acts

            keywords: heart, spirit, balance, success

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            • ura soul

              How the science of breath helps us be more successful and peaceful. in the group: holistic healing

              How the science of breath and increasing our emotional awareness can result in more success in all things\r\nSince moving my focus (many years ago) from an outer focus into our world to a more inner focus where I value my own body and internal process as being more significant than outer world ev...

              keywords: breath, breathing, breathwork, meditation, yoga, health, success

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              • ura soul

                Learn Emotional Intelligence, Reduce Stress & Achieve Goals in the group: holistic healing

                Emotions are a huge part of who we are, yet they are also one of the least understood parts of us. It is accurate to say that they may be the ‘final frontier’ of human understanding. So much of us is currently unconscious that we can compare us to an iceberg, with the people we believ...

                keywords: emotions, health, psychology, freedom, love, spirituality, spirit, heart, balance, will, ruow, eq, intelligence, stress, wellbeing, goals, success