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    • ura soul

      how to heal eczema in the group: holistic healing

      eczema is the label that is applied to forms of itchy skin rashes that appear on the human body. often the rash is worse around joints and areas where the body perspires, such as knees, elbows, fingers & armpits. when scratched, the feeling is often ecstatic for a brief period, followed by in...

      keywords: skin, eczema, detoxification, detox, bath, water, elements, air, sun, light, sunlight, minerals, clay, bentonite, epsom salts, dead sea salts, salt, pink, steroids, immune system

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      • ura soul

        Osteoporoosis Cause and Cure in the group: holistic healing

        http://www.TanglewoodWellnessCenter.com\n\nLoren discusses what causes osteoporosis and what we can do to reverse it.

        keywords: osteoperosis, acid, sunlight


        • ura soul

          Patrick Jordan | The History of Weaponized Vaccines, Militarized Medicine, & Serum Sickness in the group: conspiracy realists

          Many of our listeners will agree that it’s crazy to trust the government and the state of the healthcare system to actually keep us healthy. Nowhere is the controversy more pronounced than in the pro- and anti-vaccination debate. While the government agencies insist that vaccines are safe a...

          keywords: vaccines, who, world health organisation, serum sickness, immune system, lymph, arthritis, allergy, inflammation, blood, polio, sv40, cancer, virus, smallpox, cowpox, autism, missionaries, jesuits, mercury, vitamin d, sunlight, uvb


          • ura soul

            John Ott - Exploring the Spectrum www.naturalenergyworks.net in the group: open hearted science

            This is a short clip from the 90-minute DVD "Exploring the Spectrum" by Dr. John Nash Ott. Note the "exploringthespectrum" weblink is dead. You can get the full video on DVD from here: http://www.naturalenergyworks.net (scroll down, left side) An exciting video journey through the world of time-l...

            keywords: light, sunlight, uv, plants, science