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    • ura soul

      leveraging the gap: AUSTRALIANS FOR COAL 2014 in the group: transforming disaster

      Writer: yannisnikolakopoulos@gmail.com Actors: Anne Wilson Peter McAllum Will Young

      keywords: the gap, satire, greed, denial, heartlessness, fracking, mining

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      • ura soul

        DRS- This Ain't Love feat Calibre [Official Video] in the group: music, harmony & vibration

        Video Directed By Tarnish Vision Buy Direct: http://bit.ly/SoulRdirect

        keywords: music, dnb, calibre, drs, the gap


        • ura soul

          unloving thoughts are all around and in us - they act like a virus and cause most of our suffering in the group: holistic healing

          When unloving thoughts are allowed to be held in us, their first action is to deny and destroy our feeling parts and thus we lose emotional integrity, balance and ability to feel. The only way we have to KNOW what is truly loving and what is unloving is through FEELING.\r\nThe presence of unlovin...

          keywords: the gap, love, balance, healing, heart

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          • cataleptik

            Gargle - Bridges The Gap

            the gap between haves and have nots is atrocity itself.  only: people of heart and soul can see this!  the disparity, the unfairness, and how it could be fixed.  giving everyone equal and fair access to information, sharing information to empower everyone...that's what I'm all a...

            keywords: gargle, art, promotions, promos, graphics, The Gap

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