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2 results for "therapy"

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    • innerverse

      Contacting the Unconscious ft. Matt Blystone (Theta Float Spa Owner)

      InnerVerse\r\n| Season 3 | Episode 3 | 5.24.17 |\r\n \r\nMatt is a radical dude who runs the sensory deprivation floatation spa in my hometown. We recently hung out to go to see a dream interpretation psychoanalyst give a lecture on Carl Jung and his work with dreams. It sparked us to contem...

      keywords: float, therapy, innerverse, podcast, unconscious, jung, psychology, dreams

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      • ura soul

        Don't neglect your emotions. Express them — constructively! | Artūrs Miksons | TEDxRiga in the group: holistic healing

        As we grow through life, were taught whats ok and what isnt, when it comes to demonstrating emotions. We learn to push them away, reject, or suppress what has been deemed socially unacceptable. But when it comes down to it, emotions are neither good, nor bad. They simply are in our DNA. And the b...

        keywords: emotion, ted, therapy