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2 results for "tipper"

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    • ura soul

      Tipper Ambient Set @ CoSM - Jan 4, 2015 in the group: Divine heart gallery (The Artery)

      Tipper performed an All Original set of his own ambient music at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. 150 blessed souls braved the snow, and attended from as far away as Salt Lake City for this occasion. Alex and Allyson Grey painted live, and Johnathan Singer presented this Visual Manipulation of the...

      keywords: tipper, alex gray, cosm, animation, music, psychedelic, visuals


      • harmony

        Tipper Shambhala downtempo set in the group: music, harmony & vibration

        warning - this will enhance your weirdness receptors ;)\r\nbritish composer and producer dave tipper playing his downtempo set at Shambhala fest - This mix is awesome! and i wanted to share for my love of scratching - enjoy!  ~ love peace & harmony ~\r\nAccording to M31NgC224 the setlist...

        keywords: tipper, music, psychedelic

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