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5 results for "tmj"


    • ura soul

      Jaw Pain Muscle Release - A Torsional Tweak in the group: holistic healing

      We have found that some minor tweaks in our Jaw procedures can make all the different in treating TMJ syndrome. This really helps to reinforce the jaw exercises we prescribe to our patients.

      keywords: tmj, tmd, jaw, physiotherapy


      • ura soul

        The Rooster Neck Release in the group: moving bodies

        This neck protraction/retraction exercise stretches and mobilizes the postural muscles in the back and front of your neck. When we combine this exercise with manual therapy the results are amazing.

        keywords: neck, jaw, alignment, spine, physiotherapy, tmj, tmd


        • ura soul

          Body Worlds - TMJ and your Kinetic Chain in the group: holistic healing

          Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction is a common condition that can be treated effectively if you take the kinetic chain approach to analysis and treatment.

          keywords: tmj, tmd, jaw joint, physiotherapy


          • ura soul

            Improvng Jaw Mobility - Motion Specific Release in the group: holistic healing

            This Motion Specific Release (MSR) procedure is great for improving jaw mobility. These are two of six common MSR procedures we perform with our patients with TMJ.

            keywords: tmj, jaw, tmd, muscles, face, physiotherapy


            • ura soul

              Yoga for TMJ, painful Jaw in the group: moving bodies

              Here is a yoga lesson with Yoga for TMJ, painful Jaw. We start with a short meditation, and then we start doing some yoga postures / asana's, that will focus to relax the neck, shou...

              keywords: yoga, tmj, healing, body

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