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3 results for "ubuntu"


    • ura soul

      UBUNTU Farm South Africa - Volunteer Program in the group: transforming disaster

      ...launch of our new volunteer programme for 2017 UBUNTU FARM – South Africa. Ca...ble projects Create a model for an intentional UBUNTU community ABOUT UBUNTU FARM T...ur own account. APPLICATIONS: Please go to www.ubuntuplanet.org or www.ubuntuparty....

      keywords: ubuntu, africa, farm, organic, volunteer


      • ura soul

        Ubuntu Movement Making Incredible Progress, Michael Tellinger in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

        The Ubuntu Movement Is Working! Michael Tellinger Hits Back Against Criticism By Alternative Media\nhttp://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/2015-archives/the-ubuntu-movement-is-working-michael-tellinger-hits-back-against-criticism-by-alternative-media

        keywords: ubuntu, michael tellinger, south africa, cecil rhodes, money, moneyless, africa


        • ura soul

          How to create your own Promissory Notes - Michael Tellinger in the group: aligning self for freedom

          ...he banks with his own promissory notes. Please pay close attentions to the details - you can download a copy of the generic Promissory Note on the UBUNTU Party Website. Click on the n...

          keywords: promissory note, south africa, michael tellenger, ubuntu, money, debt, mortgages, bills of exchange, banking, banks