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  • cosmic interactions

    sharing about 'ufos', 'extra terrestrials', 'inter dimensional visitors' and any related 'non earth' experiences of our cosmos.


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      ...how where they were saying that the US navy is now formally looking into UFO sightings by some American pilots. Also there were people in the panel who talked about having seen UFOs in early 90s. I would like t...

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        I understand, yes - I actually did not really think these types of experience were genuine until 48 hours before my first one. I had thought, wrongly, that if these t...

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          eastern australia - ufo

          ...ssed "world's greatest sceptic" questioning everything he believes about UFOs.\r\nThe Pelican Waters man w...ly and I was curious as to what the lights were."\r\nStill not thinking "UFO", he grabbed his camera.\r\nI...

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          • ura soul

            FAA CoverUp of UFOs in the group: cosmic interactions

            John Callahan, former Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA testifies before the committee about an aircraft incident over Alaska involving a UFO and about the investigation and cover-up that hid it from the public Citizen Hearing on Disclosure May 3, 2013

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            • ura soul

              Analysis of videos from Turkey of UFOs in the group: cosmic interactions

              Thanks to original uploader - jvpmoin. This is further analysis of the legitimate and astonishing footage taken over 2 years in Kumburgaz, Turkey. All footage is authentic and is so far undebunked to any sane, rational person's understanding of the issue. This is the second lot of UFO footage to ...

              keywords: et, ufo, space travel, turkey

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