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      Steem User (@molometer) said: Same as the UK by the sounds of it.

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        Steem User (@steemimages) said: Yeah I watched it. Some things never change! The current incumbent 'left' in the UK has been usurped by tory lites.

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          ...then, while Face Book helped the Shadow Soviet Union perform its' antidemocratic hack-job on the United States' democratic processes (proven!  Ukrainian hackers have confessed...

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            The first produce from my Organic Garden - 2017

            The appearance, feel, smell and taste of the vital energy in freshly picked fruit and veg does not easily compare to the half dead, denutrified and not entirely organ...

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                WE ARE POLICED by CONSENT - PROOF in the group: policing

                How do you think you give your consent to the police? by offering or agreeing to be the name on the birth certificate, this is the consent you give to receive punishment for any non-harm "offence" as a crime needs to have an injured party. ALL Acts & Statutes are for members of "THE SOCIETY" ...

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