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13 results for "upgrade"

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    • ura soul

      ureka's search tool has been upgraded. in the group: network information

      i have just upgraded the system used here to search for content in the site's database. the new system uses the same app that is used by duckduckgo.com and other search sites, except it is hosted on ureka's own server, so there is no loss of privacy.\r\nwhen searching, you may not initially notic...

      keywords: search, upgrade


      • ura soul

        NEW FEATURES: Katalists are now easier to use and have a 'published/draft' mode in the group: network information

        Good news! I have spent the last couple of days improving the way that Katalists work at ureka and they are now simpler for everyone to use productively. I will be making a video to demonstrate how they work soon too.\r\nThe changes are:\r\n\r\nKatalists now have a 'published status', like though...

        keywords: katalists, upgrade, features


        • ura soul

          All Discussions at Ureka.org have been automatically converted into 'thoughts'. in the group: network information

          As part of the process of integrating Steem features into ureka, I have had to retire the 'discussions' part of the site. They were not really needed anyway as the 'thoughts' section of the site contains all of the features that discussions contain except the 'open/closed' status (which no-one us...

          keywords: discussions, upgrade, help, thoughts