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    • ura soul

      22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism in the group: holistic healing

      ...ho are choosing to opt out of vaccines and the recommended vaccine s...mentation exists to show that vaccines might indeed be a cause for c...many dangers associated with vaccines, and have done this on multip...a number of studies that link vaccines to a possible autism connecti...

      keywords: autism, vaccinations, vaccines, medical studies, glaxo, pfizer, GE, comcast, universal pictures, nbc, time warner, cnn, hbo

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      • ura soul

        the (alleged) secret covenant of the illuminati in the group: conspiracy realists

        message originally sent by G. Edward Griffin:On March 25, 2004, I received an email copy of a document entitled The Secret Covenant. It appeared to be the blueprint for...

        keywords: illuminati, g. edward griffin, secret covenant, vaccines, poisoning

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        • ura soul

          vaccines & related criminal activity in the group: holistic healing

          ...poses in other cases.this katalist provides video evidence and interviews with those involved (who are often the doctors involved who created the vaccines) - as we untangle the huge ex...

          keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, cancer, detox, lymphoma, ebola, aid, hiv, polio, criminal malfeasance, mass murder, denial, crimes against humanity, soft war, depopulation, agenda 21, autism, mercury, autistic, heavy metals, aluminium, measles, mmr, bcg, pharmaceuticals

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          • ura soul

            HAARP - Chemtrails - How They Change You - Bioengineering in the group: conspiracy realists

            How They Are Changing you . . . Cells and DNA . . . Against your will . . . This explains clearly what they are doing Chemtrails and nanotechnology are changing the world in which we live (Bioengineering). They are changing your cells and DNA against your will -- dark change People will al become...

            keywords: chemtrails, ai, google, morgellans, nano tech, heartlessness, control, denial, cancer, virus, dna, vaccines

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            • ura soul

              CAUGHT ON TAPE: Senator Takes Orders From Lobbyist in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

              A Controversial Vote is taking place in California today on Senate Bill 277. Legislation that will make vaccinations mandatory for any child attending public OR Private School while stripping away any personal and religious exemptions. Last week, more than 700 parents showed up to voice their opp...

              keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, forced vaccinations, america, corruption, senators

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