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    • ura soul

      You're not lactose intolerant

      You're just not a baby cow

      keywords: milk, vegan, cows

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      • ura soul

        homemade, vegan, spelt bread

        i make this regularly.. the recipe is here: https://www.ureka.org/pages/view/4876/a-high-quality-and-balanced-splet-vegan-bread-recipe

        keywords: bread, vegan, spelt, recipe

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        • ura soul

          Police Interrogation BACKFIRES during Vegan Activist Event in the group: nutritional balance

          ...E ON :Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joey_carbstrongFacebook:https://web.facebook.com/joeycarbstrongSign up for a 22 day vegan challenge here: http://bit.ly/JoeyVegan22*Join your local activist gr...

          keywords: vegan, food, farming, police


          • ura soul

            Quitting Veganism After 8 Years in the group: nutritional balance

            .../shop/henchherbivore *** About Me ***I'm Paul Kerton. Personal Trainer, Vegan Nutritionist and Public Speak...d that far from being a hindrance to sports performance, a well planned vegan diet is actually optimal! The...

            keywords: vegan, carnivore, diet, nutrition, hench herbivore


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            • innerverse

              Food Information

              keywords: food, diet, health, science, vegetarian, vegan

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              • ura soul

                veganism: eating to increase health, while reducing harm and suffering in the group: nutritional balance

                over and over it has been shown through lived experience and scientific process that eating dead animals is dangerous to human health. switching to alternatives, such...

                keywords: veganism, vegan, meat, diet, heartlessness, animals, balance, peace, nutrition, health, healing, food, vegetarian, dairy, milk

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