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    • SoulFish

      Does Old MacDonald need a Shrink?

      ...d “safer” products usually stemmed from living in areas where good food was easy to come by. I had neighbors who grew lovely organic vegetables and would trade them to me fo...


      • ura soul

        how to heal eczema in the group: holistic healing

        ...the digestive tract, which helped a lot. at the end of this process, my taste buds had 'reset' and i now found i could enjoy eating leafy green vegetables and many other living foods,...

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        • Nana Jovaun Kwame

          HIV/AIDS.... is.... a.... HOAX. Educate Yourself or DIE.

          ...d" HIV in 1980 Is NOT the Cause of the Symptoms Described as "AIDS". Research the Fact That In the United States Nearly 100% of ALL Fruits, Vegetables and Meat Are Genetically Modi...


          • ura soul

            tips for choosing the best juicer for healing and detoxing in the group: nutritional balance

            i just replaced my first juicer - that i used for several years. i watched close to 24 hours of videos on the topic of juicers and juicer reviews because there is quite a...

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