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  • Ureka.org

    how do i add a video to the community?

    currently you can only add videos that are hosted by video hosting sites such as vimeo, youtube, metacafe and others.\r\nwhen you add new videos you can choose whether they will be contained by your own profile or by a zone that you are co-creating. videos that are contained by your profile will ...

    keywords: video, upload, new item, faq, help, guide


    • ura soul

      new feature! auto-importing of remote multimedia and page summaries in the group: network information

      new feature: katalists and other pages now benefit from a process that automatically grabs media content and page summaries from other websites, which enhances pages at ureka in a useful way. this means that katalists, thoughts, reference pages and other areas that contain hyperlinks will now als...

      keywords: feature, ureka, hyperlinks, import, embed, media, video


      • ura soul

        on server videos are active - may be blocked by 'avast' in the group: network information

        ureka now hosts it's own video files, in a similar way to other popular video sharing sites. for now this is a feature that is only available for administrators, however this will be extended to be open to all co-creators once the necessary changes are made to the system and user policies here. i...

        keywords: video, feature, ureka, https, avast, help

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        • ura soul

          Changes to the way we embed videos in the group: network information

          From now on, any link that is used in a post at Ureka which is for a page that presents a video that can be embedded, will automatically be converted into a watchable, embedded video in the page in Ureka. This was already the case for thoughts and comment areas, but now your links will auto-embed...

          keywords: video, embed

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          • ura soul

            The Very True Story of Jordan Peterson in the group: creativity

            If you are looking for a good laugh, check out this breakdown of Jordon Peterson by thought slime. As usual, I don't agree with everything said - but it is still eye opening and pretty funny... Sometimes Peterson says things that I agree with, but as you can see in the following video there are ...

            keywords: psychology, funny, politics, freedom, video

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