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3 results for "vitamin b12"


    • ura soul

      Plant-Based Treatment for Angina in the group: nutritional balance

      ...eo/arteries-of-vegans-vs-runners/). If those on plant-based diets aren’t getting a regular, reliable source of vitamin B12, though, their artery health can suffer. See: Vitamin B12 Necessary for Arterial He...


      • ura soul

        UK LAD BUSTS A RHYME - BLOWS EVERYONE AWAY [strong language] in the group: nutritional balance

        ...t shit taste good” And you think breastfeeding’s weird (TEN) Ten, … I forgot what I was gonna say Cause I didn’t take my Vitamin B12 supplement today So I&rsq...


        • ura soul

          Debunking Vitamin B12 in the group: nutritional balance

          ...been a significant rise in the number of people who have started using Vitamin B12 supplements but people do not realize that its not that we do not produce less vitamin b12 but instead do not absorb...

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