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    • harmony

      comment on "permaculture and sustainable communities in europe"

      Erm Interesting..I have not herd of that so will have a read up,I know from what I read is that they don't have as much vitamins. Crab apples are good though and I have a few recipes for them and wild animals love them so not sure why the dampner ;) 


      • ura soul

        how to heal eczema in the group: holistic healing

        ...help to accelerate the cleaning out of the body (and healing of the skin), but also rapidly replenish the body's stores of minerals, enzymes and vitamins - which are exactly what the...

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        • ura soul

          tips for choosing the best juicer for healing and detoxing in the group: nutritional balance

          ...or a straight lie. here's what i have learned...\r\njuicing is a great way to increase nutritional intake, since we can ingest a concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that we...

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