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11 results for "volunteer"


    • ura soul

      comment on "NuMundo"

      ...ind) in the sense of it not being his task to get everyone to stop using money (that is part of my task list). he would certainly be open to you volunteering.

      • harmony

        comment on "NuMundo"

        I would love to volunteer so I can get the feel of what it would be like and how it could run,see what would be involved and ideas on how to get started! :)  


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        • ura soul

          UBUNTU Farm South Africa - Volunteer Program in the group: transforming disaster

          Announcing the launch of our new volunteer programme for 2017 UBUNTU FARM – South Africa. Caring for abandoned or injured wild animals - Rehabilitation of wild animals – Maintaining our Lodge - Growing seedlings – Growing organic food – Growing and preserving traditional m...

          keywords: ubuntu, africa, farm, organic, volunteer