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    • ura soul

      A guide to creating your own group at Ureka in the group: network information

      Looking for a way to create an online space that's just for your specific needs and the needs of your team, friends or other group? maybe your own group at Ureka would fit your needs. Groups are a kind of site within a site at ureka.org that allow groups of co-creators to unite for specific purp...

      keywords: community, admin, guide, walkthrough, help, group, groups

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      • ura soul

        A guide to administering and maintaining groups at Ureka in the group: network information

        So you have your very own group at Ureka and want to customise it, invite members and grow your vision? Then this guide is for you. There are 4 main aspects involved with maintaining and administering a group at ureka: Defining the group's intentions, theme, privacy levels and any policies th...

        keywords: administration, admin, guide, help, walkthrough, groups, group

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        • ura soul

          Katalists at ureka.org - What they are and how to use them. in the group: network information

          Katalists are a great feature at ureka.org that allow us to combine numerous items from within ureka all onto one new page. For example, if you are researching a particular subject and have found many videos, webpages, images and other items that are all relevant to that topic, you can combine th...

          keywords: katalists, help, guide, walkthrough, tutorial, katalist

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          • ura soul

            Feature guides and tutorials for ureka.org in the group: network information

            Here you will find all of the video guides that are currently available for using ureka.org. More will be added as they are available. If you have any questions that are not covered here then just start a discussion thread in the network information zone to ask for help.

            keywords: ureka, guide, walkthrough, tutorial, help

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            • ura soul

              A quick introduction to ureka.org & how to join the earth heart community in the group: network information

              ureka.org is a social network and learning platform intended to help us to heal, balance and evolve. ureka respects privacy, does not trade or share your data and intends to be as free as humanly possible! in this video, ura soul (founder of ureka) gives a brief introduction to ureka.org and walk...

              keywords: ureka, guide, walkthrough, help, introduction, join