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56 results for "water"

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    • innerverse

      Standing Up for Life (and Water) ft. Jamie Seed (Music Festival Photographer)

      \r\nJamie came on the show back in December 2016, during the height of the resistance to the North Dakota Access Pipeline. We discussed his adventures in going there to document the historic coming together of tribes. Jamie is a phenomenal photographer, as you no doubt can see from this post. He ...

      keywords: innerverse, podcast, life, water, photograhy, photographer, music festival, festival, festie, tribe, pipeline, nodapl


      • ura soul

        Water Fluoridation Court Case Against US EPA Cleared for Trial! in the group: holistic healing

        The judge in the fluoride TSCA lawsuit has dismissed the EPA's' motion for summary judgement (MSJ). This means that our case will go forward and will be heard in April of next year (it is scheduled to start April 20 and run for two weeks). This is the first time in its 43-year history that citize...

        keywords: flouridation, us, epa, science, water, health, fluoride


        • ura soul

          Drought by Design - The Genociding of Australia in the group: conspiracy realists

          A look at how manipulation of the water resources of Australia has led up to the recent mega fires.

          keywords: australia, water, drought


          • ura soul

            The poison found in everyone, even unborn babies.. and who is responsible for it | Rob Bilott in the group: holistic healing

            Chemicals called PFAS and PFOS – known as forever chemicals – are in the blood of virtually every person on the planet. And they will only accumulate

            keywords: poison, teflon, pollution, water, pfas, pfos


            • vanessa anne hartley

              vanessa anne hartley

              • Durban, South Africa
              • BlueTruth

                Directional Wireless Energy Using Water

                The holy grail of electricity, is directional wireless power. It's the ability to beam power wirelessly to a specific place only. Unfortunately, wave physics doesn't quite work that way. However, I recently stumbled across a pseudo-solution to transmitting wireless energy to specific locations. I...

                keywords: Water, Electricity, Wireless