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    • ura soul

      How Evidence based Medical Science ended Water Fluoridation in the Netherlands. (2013) in the group: holistic healing

      ...ed Medical Science ended Water Fluoridation in the Netherlan...that fluoridation of drinking water resulted in thepopulation bei..."Fluoridering van het leidingwater," 1973 and "Fluor Liever niet...e side-effects of fluoridated water from themainly American liter...

      keywords: fluoride, poison, fluoridation, water, poison, eczema, skin, allergy, allergies, allergic, holland, netherlands, double blind, dental, coverup, denial, heartlessness

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      • ura soul

        fluoride in the group: holistic healing

        keywords: fluoride, water, poison, toxic, denial, greed, pollution, iq, detox




        • ura soul

          fasting as a therapy for increased health in the group: holistic healing

          although still largely misunderstood and rarely given acceptance in many areas of earth, fasting remains one of the most effective ways of bringing the body to balance...

          keywords: fasting, water fast, water, health, detox, diet, cleanse

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          • ura soul

            the dangers of fluoride and what we can do to heal from our fluoride exposure in the group: holistic healing

            fluoride has been used for decades as a form of enforced 'medication'. now we know better. more recent scientific research has repeatedly shown that fluoride is a neur...

            keywords: fluoride, water, poison, toxic, denial, greed, pollution, iq, detox, endocrine, eugenics, population reduction

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            • ura soul

              how to heal eczema in the group: holistic healing

              eczema is the label that is applied to forms of itchy skin rashes that appear on the human body. often the rash is worse around joints and areas where the body perspires, such as knees, elbows, fingers & armpits. when scratched, the feeling is often ecstatic for a brief period, followed by in...

              keywords: skin, eczema, detoxification, detox, bath, water, elements, air, sun, light, sunlight, minerals, clay, bentonite, epsom salts, dead sea salts, salt, pink, steroids, immune system

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              • ura soul

                Fluoride - Alzheimers Disease and Copper Pipes in the group: holistic healing

                By Robert Jay Rowen, MD\r\nThe fluoride debate is boiling in Sonoma County. Those drinking its water should know about some startling fluoride revelations. Recent research has connected “hidden” dots linking fluoride with the most dread of all diseases – Alzheimer’s (AD). ...

                keywords: fluoride, alzheimers, copper, lead, water, pineal gland, calcification

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