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    • ura soul

      missing videos in the video lists are now back and lists will now show correctly on 4k screens!

      • cataleptik

        by cataleptik

        yeah, i got friends. i got a frenzy of friends! even here. i think humans will always be smarter than machines...i think we're gonna be okay.

        • vanessa anne hartley


          • SolitaryFriend

            Hello to all you wonderful people! I'm finally back after a long absence, being a slumbering dragon shifting through time and now I have my story to share. I will be looking to contribute as much as possible and contact other Starseeds/Indigo...more

            • ura soul

              Aha, ok - great - I will PM you.

              • innerverse

                I did get them! It took me quite some time to actually get the artwork printed, but I will finally be sending those out in the coming week most likely. I don't remember if I got your mailing address but I'd like to send you one as well!

                • ura soul

                  Welcome Emileah! I just took the liberty of editing your avatar here as it was cropped to only show 1 black pixel at the corner of your intended avatar image - everyone will now see the image you uploaded now instead of a black box.

                  • ura soul

                    greetings! I suggest posting your message here as a 'thought' using the menu at the top of the site since you will be able to format it in a readable way.

                    • ura soul

                      In case anyone is wondering why I am so quiet on here recently, it's because I am being kept busy cross-posting my old material from Ureka onto another social network 'Steemit'. I am doing this because it is the first uncensored and distributed...more

                      • ura soul

                        great, thanks for sharing that talk from anna in 2013 - I hadn't seen that one and will watch later. :)