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7 results for "wisdom"


    • kellytmusically

      by kellytmusically
      • Emileah

        by Emileah

        Hi everyone! First day here. Any words of wisdom for newbies?

        • SoulFish

          Totally agree. I love reading, spent some time as a research librarian, it was awesome. For me though, while I dig the knowledge I can get from research I always find I feel compelled to take another step and experiment. I have to apply the...more

          • SoulFish

            by SoulFish

            Knowledge is empowering. Wisdom, which is knowledge coupled with experience, is power. Balance is the key to that power. -Hanna Maxwell

            • harmony

              by harmony

              i now feel i have a clear understanding of the deep wisdom in sananda/jesus' words: "forgive them for they know not what they do" .. this has brought me healing and inner peace which i wish for one and all <3

              • ura soul

                by ura soul

                when divine wisdom is encountered, its balance and non polarisation immediately reveals earthly politics to be a creation of total delusion.

                • ura soul

                  by ura soul

                  while those who love to fight are controlled by those who have no empathy and no associated wisdom and balance of heart - there will be war